mobotato: Basil...


Ok... This is Basil... I started him tonight and spent 2.5 hours getting him to where he is now. I found a sketch I did a while back of an explorer and figured I'd see what I could do. Granted, he isn't quite as I had originally imagined him in the sketch, I kinda like where he's heading... The idea is to have him covered in a bunch of explore-y type things (Binoculars, Compasses, Backpack, Map, etc) and I think I may just do some animation with him. There's a bunch of stuff I'll fix when I eventually retopo him (Sleeves, collar, etc) but for now I'm happy... Enjoy!

Oooh. And I think he should have a moustache!

Update: I spent a bit more time on him this evening developing some areas (Sleeves, collar, feet, etc). I also added some wrinkles and started producing some accessories in Maya... Enjoy!

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