mobotato: Finally! An update!

Finally! An update!

Hi All,

It's been wayyyyyyy too long since my last post. Despite not featuring anything up here, I have been a busy lil bee in the background. Amidst having a lil girl since my last post and realising that I no longer have any spare time, I am neck deep in the wonders of creating a new reel... You know how it is... You want to create a 3 second animation to fill a gap, but slowly becomes a feature length animation!!! Anyways, enough with the rambling. I am now a recent Zbrush convert and I'm loving it! I've joined a blog called who encourage you to produce work super quick and get it up on the site for all to poke fun at, marvel over, stare in awe, drool... yadda yadda. Here are the fruits of my first post... Sculpt was created in 40 minutes. Polypaint, render and composition in AE was done in an additional 40. Enjoy!

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