mobotato: The Baron... Take Off!

The Baron... Take Off!

Hey All! Here's a lil something that I began some time ago but lost interest in. It wasn't til the other day that I remembered it, had a bunch of new ideas for him, and decided to rework him. 'The Baron' takes on a steampunk-ish feel and revolves around this idea that the Red Baron, shot down and left for dead on a deserted island, builds a 'propeller pack' from his destroyed plane. (Whether he not he fits the old guns to his pack is yet to be decided). The whole mechanism runs via cabling (which is still to be created) that allows the Baron to control at what angle the rear of the propeller pack sits at. This, in turn, allows the Baron to control himself in the air. I'm thinking this guy might work nicely for a reel intro... Original pack built in Maya, original Baron made in Mudbox, and reworked 'everything' created in Zbrush! His equipment is yet to be textured, and is currently coloured with Polypaint. Rendered in Zbrush and comped in AE. Enjoy!

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