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mobotato: Lift Offfffffffff!!!

Lift Offfffffffff!!!

Hi All! Here's a selection of my lil Baron character in various poses. They were tests done today after getting him textured, lit, rigged, and set up to render in Maya (using Mental Ray). The next step is an animation. I'm thinking showing him mid-flight. I like the idea of him doing barrel rolls and the smoke trails following accordingly. So far, he is made up of a basic color, AO, and depth pass... I'll get more hands on for the final renders, but for now I'm happy where he's heading! Enjoy!

Update! Here's another lil play with the Baron in post. I was testing to see what I can get away with in terms of rendering, and what sort of treatment to the final look I could use. I think I'm happy with the flexibility of the render layers I'm pumping out, but as much as I like the treatment here, it won't be a final look. I think. Maybe... we'll see. First I gotta animate that sucker. Enjoy!

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