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mobotato: Duddle Doodle...

Duddle Doodle...

Hi all. Here's a speed sculpt I whipped up on my Sunday night. It comes via a character from the amazing Jonny Duddle book, The Pirates Next Door. His illustrations are amazing and recommend you go buy his books immediately!!! This lil guy took a few minutes shy of 3 hours. He needs a bit more tweaking but I liked where he was heading... Can't wait to colour and detail him too! All done with Dynamesh in Zbrush... Comped in After Effects. Enjoy!

Update: I had a quick play tonight just colouring him in as referenced from the book. By no means final, it was a quick test just to see where to head next... All done in Zbrush in just over an hour. Comped in AE. Enjoy!

Update (again): Ahhhhh Zbrush. The ease at which I can now do retopo and UVing, as well as hi-res texturing and surface noise thanks to this program is nuts! If I get more time, I'll do another pass on his face and look into better textures/shaders/lighting, but for now I think he looks pretty cool! Enjoy! (Oh and Jonny Duddle, the amazing illustrator who drew the original character, has just released another book... The King of Space... Buy it!)

Update: More texturing love, I gave the brother some shoes, and toyed with his hair. Rendered in Zbrush and played with a new grade in After Effects. Enjoy!

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